WCMICS funded projects

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WCMICS is a clinical improvement network that aims to support the implementation of high quality care, information and other supports for people living with cancer and their carers.


Our grants program was initiated to support hospital quality improvement projects that will improve patient or carer outcomes or experience. It targets time-limited service improvement projects that cannot be funded within existing hospital resources.





Here you will find:

  • information on active funded projects

  • further details of the 2020 Telehealth Assistance Program

  • snapshot of past funded projects, including final reports

If you have any questions about any of our past or current work please get in touch 

The grants are competitive with an emphasis on sustainable improvements with lessons that can be applied across other WCMICS health services and potentially statewide.

All funded projects are aligned with the Optimal Cancer Care Pathways, the Victorian Cancer Plan 2020-2024 and the WCMICS vision and mission.


active projects:

QUALDEATH: development of an evidence based systematic approach to reviewing the quality of dying experience for patients with advanced cancer

st vincent's


The National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards explicitly outline that health services review the quality of end of life care provided against planned goals of care.  Hospitals typically have regular mortality and morbidity review meetings where in-patient deaths are considered and deliberations made regarding  potentially reversible causes and whether coronial inquiry is required. These reviews do not usually extend to examining the quality of health care provided leading up to death or whether patient goals of care were met. 

This project seeks to address current gaps in delivering standardised high quality care by developing a systematic clinical appraisal process (QUALDEATH) for reviewing the quality of dying for patients with advanced cancer. Information gathered via QUALDEATH will build on current routine end of life care data already being collected at WCMICS hospitals.

talking the tough talk – end of life conversation simulation workshop

werribee mercy


Clinicians at Werribee Mercy Hospital are having increasing numbers end of life conversations.  It has been identified that end of life conversations are often inadequate and occurring late. Staff need to have the opportunity to develop these skills in a safe environment.  Health care workers are frequently involved in end of life care communication despite limited training or experience.

This project uses simulation and didactic elements from successfully run international courses (When Enough is Enough, Oncotalk, ADAPT) to provide a road map for communication between health care workers , patients at end of life and families, integrating a patient centred approach into comprehensive care delivered by Mercy Health.

telehealth assistance program:


​The COVID-19 pandemic precipitated an immediate transition to telehealth consultations for cancer patients.  WCMICS was well positioned to provide prompt assistance to our partner health services to improve the quality of telehealth to cancer patients. 

The aim of the telehealth assistance program is to achieve 80% of cancer telehealth consultations via video by early 2021.  With view to demonstrable sustained practice by mid-2021.

        fast facts:

  • 7 partner health services participated in the program

  • ~$450K has been awarded to:

    • purchase ICT infrastructure such as cameras, software​

    • fund short term EFT to address current barriers to using telehealth

  • Patient facing resources have been developed by WCMICS. 

  • These information fact sheets have been translated into languages other than English and are available here

  • Clinician facing resources such tips for conducting video consultations and patient suitability criteria have been developed by WCMICS. Available here

        Check out this short video below produced by our telehealth project lead 


​Information on previous funded projects including the final project reports can be found below.


          While you are here, check out some video presentations of recent project highlights here