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2021-22 innovate & improve funding stream now closed

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The WCMICS Grants Program (the Program) provides funding for ideas that support improvements in cancer patient care.  The focus areas of the program align with the statewide priorities laid out in the Victorian Cancer Plan, where opportunities for improvement and significant impact have been identified.  Specifically, it is aimed at initiatives that:

  • Improve cancer patient outcomes and experience

  • Improve the health of under-served populations across the region

  • Improve the efficiency of cancer care


The Program runs 2 separate funding intiatives:

Innovate & Improve (offered annually)

Scale & Spread (offered biennially)


The WCMICS Grants Program application process involves two stages:

  1. Stage one: Initial  Expression of Interest (EOI) and the opportunity to 'idea pitch' to the funding evaluation panel.

  2. Stage two: Following funding evaluation panel review, full application (project plan) are by invitation only.

The Innovate & Improve funding stream is offered annually. Applications are open to all initiatives that are new, innovative improvement ideas. Typcially these types of projects run for 12 months, with a total grants pool up to $400,000 available each year.

         Download the Innovte & Improve funding guidelines 

         Download the Innovate & Improve funding EOI template here

The Scale & Spread funding stream ​is offered biennially. Applications are open to initiatives that intend to make deliberate efforts to increase the impact of successfully tested health innovations so as to benefit more people. Typcially these types of projects run for approxmately 24months, with a total grants pool up to $900,000 available every 2 years.

         Download the Scale & Spread funding guidelines 

         Download the Scale & Spread EOI template here


project ideas

Developing ideas and completing funding applications is time consuming and requires significant investment by the parties involved. Before preparing an application for the WCMICS Grants Program, make sure it is the right grant for your idea and what you are seeking to achieve.​


  • Will your project idea address the identified focus areas and positively impact on service delivery and patient experience?

  • Will the improvements be sustainable after the project funding period?

  • Is your project idea aligned to your organisational strategy and/or business plan?

  • Do you have sponsorship at executive level? Do you have organisational support for the initiaitive that has been proposed? Is your organisation committed to sustaining the outcome of the project?

Answer the following questions to determine if this is the right funding for your idea:


frequently asked questions

who is eligible to apply?

WCMICS partner health services. Health services can also submit applications in partnership with the following: - Academic health science centres - Peak bodies - Research agencies involved in translation of research in practice - Other health services and/or cancer care providers - Charities and not-for-profit organisations

what can funding go towards?

The funding is to support design, development and implementation of projects aiming to improve cancer care. This includes funding to back-fill to enable staff to be released from operational roles to work on the project. The funding should not be used to pay for clinical service delivery. The project must be working toward a feasible and viable model or service that does not require an ongoing (additional) budget source that is yet to be identified. Where the problems in a particular focus area are not well-understood, scoping projects to better define the issues will be considered for funding.

is there a limit to how much I can apply for?

No, there is no set limit on any one application. WCMICS has funded small scale projects ranging from <$25K through to larger scale multi-site projects >$600K. WCMICS does, however have a set total sum available each year to run the program. This averages between $700K and $950K.

who evaluates the applications?

The evaluation panel at a minimum consists of - a WCMICS Consumer; - a WCMICS Governance Committee member, usually the Chair - 2 members from WCMICS Clinical Management Advisory Committee; - a DH representative; a representative from primary care - the WCMICS Manager and - WCMICS Clinical Director. The process is facilitated by the WCMICS Quality & Performance Manager.