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Why onco-fertility?

Cancer, and cancer treatment, can affect fertility or the ability for survivors to have children. There are several safe and effective fertility preservation (or onco-fertility) options.

Onco-fertility discussions are critical for people to make informed and timely decisions for their futures. In fact, new Australian fertility preservation guidelines call for this to be a part of every patient’s cancer plan, supported by age-appropriate materials. 

Fertility After Cancer: Onco-fertility in brief

Fertility After Cancer: Onco-fertility in brief

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Fertility after cancer — in the news

Recent media coverage about fertility preservation aims to raise public awareness of this important issue. Check out the reports.  
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Fertility after cancer

Many people have made timely and informed decisions to preserve their fertility and their chance to have children in the future. A few of them have shared their experiences of onco-fertility in the videos below to raise awareness of this important topic. Check them out.