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Chemotherapy Day Unit (CDU) Flow Manager


CDU Flow Manager is a fully customised database built in Microsoft Access which supports the automation of a series of useful CDU performance management reports.  The tool has a corresponding chair-side data collection sheet with a series of data points that need to be collected in real time by the CDU nurse as a chair-side audit.  

CDU Flow Manager automatically generates key information on patient flow activity such as CDU chair utilisation, patient waiting times on the day of treatment and time lost to a number of delay reasons.  


Data entry into the system is simple and can be done in either real time if there is ready access to a computer or at the completion of a treatment day by either nursing or administrative staff. Data entry is estimated to take approximately 30 seconds per patient.

This tool was developed in 2013 by WCMICS for the Victorian Chemotherapy Services Redesign Project.  Find the guide to chemotherapy day unit
redesign measures for improvement here.

​New users will be required to submit their request using the CDU Flow Manager Request For Access.


Upon registration (one registration per health service) and agreement to the  terms of use, CDU Flow Manager will be available free of charge to health services, including access to future updates.

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